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Taylor Schilling attends the TV junket for Orange Is The New Black in Los Angeles, USA.

brb crying

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How do I even begin to explain Piper Chapman?

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Alex Vause is just endlessly amused by Piper Chapman

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I love Brittany’s body language in this scene. Now, Brittany isn’t really one to cause conflict or say mean things. That’s Santana’s part in their relationship. Santana is the protector, she’s the one who isn’t afraid to slam someone with an insult. Brittany doesn’t like confrontation but in this scene, she doesn’t need words to protect Santana. 

She keeps her arm on Santana’s back or the back of her chair (i can’t tell with one) and that’s her way of showing Santana support as well as telling other’s to back off. Brittany is just as upset as Santana is on the way that she was forced to come out and you can see all over her face that she doesn’t like it one bit.

That’s the thing about Brittany, it stays true to her character in that it’s the little things that she does that says so much. I think the reason Santana was mostly calm throughout this performance was because of Brittany. She knew that no matter what, she had Brittany’s support and Brittany wasn’t going to let anything happen to her.

But you also see Brittany keep some space between them as well. Brittany knows Santana better than anyone. She knows that she needs some space to process and adjust to everything so she offers her love and support in that little gesture but at the same time giving her the space she needs as well.

And that is why Brittany is the best thing for Santana.

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So rumor has it Santana Lopez will be taking part in singing “PROBLEM” …

Now at first, I was like: that must be awkward for Naya, you know, singing a song of your ex-fiancee and his new girlfriend …

But them, I’m like: “Poor Ariana! Naya is going to belt that song so perfectly that she’ll prove once again she’s so much better.”

And Naya'll be all:

Just a reminder that Santana knows Brittany best.

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santana lopez + text posts (part two)

The Unholy Trinity throughout the seasons

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